“The World's Greatest Jewish Rock N'Roll Band”

Finally…The record can be set straight.  The Shlomones, “The bad boys of the Borscht Belt” have played a central role and been on hand at every major event in Jewish History. 

-Adam & Eve in The Garden of Eden; The Sholomones were there, playing their wedding.

-Moses & the Jews at the splitting of the sea; The Shlomones were right in the middle of the parted waters with instruments in hand. As Miriam danced with her timbrels, The Shlomones rocked with the rest.

-When the Holy Temple stood in Israel; The Shlomones were the house band.

-In 1948 at the founding of the new state of Israel, David Ben Gurion requested that the Shlomones compose the new Israeli National anthem, originally titled “Sand Sand Everywhere!”

-1967 at the end of the six day war, the Jewish people finally took back their beloved capitol Jerusalem. When Menachim Begin and Ariel Sharon first entered the holy city they were flanked on all sides by their closest musical advisors, The Shlomones.

-1978 The Israeli/Egyptian peace accords. Menachim Begin, Anwar Sadat, US President Jimmy Carter , and of course the Peace Treaty, post party & chips & dip were made possible by the tireless efforts of The Shlomones.

Today you can see the Shlomones as guest hosts (and occasional performers) on American Idol, sweeping the Emmy’s with a guest spot on Glee, sharing the spotlight at the Grammy’s with Lady GaGa, performing weekly on their new sitcom “You call that Kosher?”, wowing Broadway audiences with their life story live on stage “Music from the Holy Band…The Musical!”, rocking audiences of all ages live in concert,  and the list goes on and on!

Now you too can enjoy the hilarious, rocking, monumental concert experience LIVE in your town!


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