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There is nothing better than a joyous “What’s Up Band” concert event to help celebrate and highlight your program where your children are the stars!

A concert with “The What’s Up Band” will engage and feature the children and students of your community in a unique and powerful way. As the children discover the joy of performing and gain performing experience with the band, they can also make a deep and direct connection to there Jewish soul.

To personalize the event, we offer the opportunity for your children to participate in pre-concert workshops with members of the band in preparation for their performance at your event.

With the wide choice of programs, holiday themes and songs, your performance will truly be your own.

The members of “The What’s Up Band” have collectively performed on Broadway and on television, as well as touring throughout the United States and abroad for the past three decades. As accomplished recording artists, producers of children’s productions and veteran stage performers, these outstanding professionals will help the children of your community reach new heights of performance and further their connection to their Jewish roots.

Please ask about additional fundraising opportunities and pre concert promotional merchandising including cd’s, t-shirts, posters etc.
We look forward to planning a successful event together!